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The 12 Houses In Astrology

The astrological natal chart is split up into 12 sections, just like what a watch's clock face has 12 separate sections according to the hours. Each little pie chart section of this chart represents a specific sector of a person's life. It is said that all facets and aspects of life can be divided into these 12 astrological houses. Everything that is part of a human's life is included within these 12 astrological houses. The zodiac sign that the house is placed in explains to you the archetype through which that specific sector of that human's life will be played. In essence, the 12 zodiac signs are the 12 archetypes through which human beings can express themselves. The 12 houses are the 12 sections of life through which the human being uses this archetype to express themselves.

The planets will all be allocated in different sections within these 12 houses, depending on the individual's date, time, and place of birth. Some houses might have more planets than others, indicating a concentration of energy in one sector of a person's life. Conversely, some houses might be empty, suggesting that not that much energy needs to be applied to the sector of a person's life. The way that these planets are distributed within the natal charts and through these 12 houses is unique for every individual. This gives you an evident map of where the focus of the person's life should be.

To figure out exactly which planets are allocated in which house, you do need a person's accurate birth time. Without the birth time, you can't calculate which houses these planets are in. If you do not have a person's birth time, you will not be reading their astrological houses; you will merely be reading the planets and the signs that they are in as well as the aspects between these planets. If you don't have a birth time, you cannot calculate the rising, which is the ascendant, and the houses that the planets are allocated in. This is why to get a complete full comprehensive understanding of an individual and their natal chart; you must have their birth time. You can still gain insight into their life and personality if you don't have their birth time; you will then just not read the astrological houses and the rising.

1st House

The House of Aries

The first house starts at the point of the rising. The first house represents how other people see you. The first house represents what other people see when they see you, so the way you see yourself and how you view yourself is often different from how other people view you. The first house represents that initial image people get when they deal with you. It represents your physical appearance and body, facial features, and the energy you present to people when they engage with you. It's also the energy that you put out into the world. The first impression you give to somebody will be your first house sign and not your sun sign. The first house indicates your overall identity and what you show the world.

2nd House

The House of Taurus

The Second house represents money. It represents your ability to make money in this life and your ability to acquire and gain an income. The second house also illustrates how many material possessions you have and how many physical objects you possess within your life. If you're a person who has a lot of money and is surrounded by a lot of stuff, you'll likely have a very well aspected second house. What is important to you and what you also value is indicated by the second house. If there is something important to you and you feel like having this thing in your life makes you happy, this will usually be shown to you by your second house. The things you generally don't want to lose and the things you tend to hold onto and accumulate and cling on to are indicated by the second house. A person's work ethic and how they approach the way they go about making and acquiring their money are also generally indicated by the second house.

3rd House

The House of Gemini

This is the house that represents a person's ability to communicate. The third house also represents a person's mind and where most of their mental focus goes. The way you think and the way your thought processes work is generally indicated through the third house. How sociable and how outgoing you are and how keen you are to engage with other people will also be displayed through your third house because the third house is the house of Gemini. The third house will also indicate your relationship with your siblings. The way you converse and engage with other people and how you behave socially is usually indicated through the third house.

4th House

The House of Cancer

The fourth house is the house of Cancer, and this is the house that represents your home life as well as your early childhood life. The fourth house represents your initial roots and where you come from, what you were exposed to and what you were taught when you were young. The way that you process your emotions and deal with your emotions and family members is indicated through the fourth house. Any kind of foundations and security that you have in your life will also be indicated through the fourth house. How you generally relate in your relationship with your parents but more specifically, your relationship with your mother will be shown to you through your fourth house. People who have well aspected fourth houses generally have very happy, harmonious relationships with their family. Your relationship with females and women is also indicated to you through your fourth house.

5th House

The House of Leo

The fifth house represents romance, creativity, and creative expression. The fifth house is also the house of children, the house of love, and the house of playfulness. Your fifth house is your house of joy, and it shows you what makes you happy. The way you play and the way you like to create is usually shown to you through your fifth house. The fifth house also rules self-expression as well as fertility. The 5th house will indicate the way you generally express yourself to other people and your capability to have children, and how fertile you are through the fifth house.

6th House

The house of Virgo

The sixth house indicates your health, your daily routine as well as your ability to serve others and the world. Your willingness to be selfless and your willingness to give to others is generally shown through the sixth house. How you look after your health, whether you eat healthily, and whether you exercise regularly will also be indicated through the sixth house. The sixth house also governs over pets and animals, and the sixth house rules over nature. The sixth house will indicate the way you go about your daily routine and the way you approach bringing value to the world around you and in the life of others. The sixth house will also show your willingness to work hard for no reward but for the greater good.

7th House

The house of Libra

The 7th house is the house of relationships, your marriage, as well as your partnerships and business partnerships. The 7th house will indicate your ability to cooperate and to see eye to eye with others, and to consider the needs of others here. The seventh house rules over marriage, so whether you will be getting married or not will be shown here and just your ability to share your life with others.

8th House

The House of Scorpio

The Eighth House represents sexual connections as well as merging yourself with another. The eighth house represents intimacy, and it represents sharing what you have with others based on this intimacy. The eighth house is slightly similar to the seventh house, but it is different in that the eighth house represents intimate connections. In contrast, the seventh house merely represents partnerships. By partnerships, this can also mean business partnerships or marriage partnerships. Not all marriages are intimate. The eighth house also represents other people's assets and loans, and investments, so anything that comes to you in your life through other people and how much debt you make in this life will be shown through the eighth house. The eighth house also represents life's mysteries. It represents things that are unseen, things that we're not aware of. A lot of your more taboo kind of topics are generally represented by the eighth house. The eighth house also represents death, birth, and transformation. The eighth house is quite a mysterious house in astrology.

9th House

The house of Sagittarius

Sagittarius rules the ninth house, and the ninth house represents your higher mind. The ninth house governs cover topics such as travel, religious philosophy, foreign lands, and foreign cultures. Whether you will travel and meet other people and enroll in higher education is generally shown through your ninth house. Your learning capacity and your ability to retain information is shown here. The ninth house also represents cultures and foreign lands, so the ninth house will also indicate your ability to get along with different cultures and people and foreign places through the ninth house. This house also governs your connection to religion, philosophy, and your sense of spirituality. What you believe to be your ultimate truth regarding your spirituality or religion will be indicated through your ninth house.

10th House

The house of Capricorn

The tenth house represents your career, how ambitious you are, and your social standing and social reputation. The goals that you have for the long term and the things that you would like to achieve within your life will be indicated through the 10th house. Your public image, your status, and your public reputation is also indicated here. The way that the public sees you is indicated through the tenth house. The tenth house also governs over authority, this can include authority figures in your life. This can also include law, politics, your father, and any kind of limiting figures in your life. Because the tenth house is opposite the fourth house, which generally represents the mother and the connection to the mother, the tenth house usually represents the connections to the father because the mother usually has a more loving, nurturing quality to her, which goes along with the fourth house. A father generally has a more stern authoritative quality to him which is represented by the tenth house. People who are famous generally have a powerful tenth house because this is the house that represents your public image and how the public perceives you.

The 11th house

The house of Aquarius

This is the house that represents your friends, how you involve and enroll yourself in your community, as well as your capacity for social awareness. The 11th house also represents the future, and this is also the house that governs over technology. How much you include yourself with other people in the world around you is usually shown to you with your 11th house. People with a very well aspected 11th house possess a lot of humanitarian qualities where they do a lot for others. They have a powerful sense of social awareness and seek out social equality.

12th House

The House of Pisces

The 12th house rules over our subconscious mind. This house also represents endings as well as the afterlife and the spiritual realm. The 12th house is a very secluded solitary house, so people who have a very strongly aspected 12th house tend to live their lives in isolation. They prefer to be alone most of the time. This is because these are generally quite spiritually aware people because they are more connected to and are more aware of the spiritual realm and the spiritual world. Because this is what the 12th house represents, anything hidden within your subconscious mind that you're not really aware of will be indicated to you through your 12th house. Any limiting thoughts or limiting beliefs that you might have will also be shown to you here. What you need to do to work through the more negative subconscious habits you have will be shown to you through your 12th house.

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