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The Anaretic (29th) degree in Astrology

The Anaretic degree, known as the 29th degree of a sign, is known to be a crucial degree in Astrology. Each of your planets lay in a specific sign and degree, and if any of your planets are in the 29th degree in a sign it might be worth looking into it more.

Each sign has 30 degrees, and all 12 signs in the zodiac make up a 360-degree circle. Technically, each sign has 29.59 degrees, and the 30th degree is then the next sign, which starts at 0 degrees. Each degree is influential in its own way, however, some degrees carry more weight and importance than others.

It is said that the 29th degree indicates a significant aspect of your soul's progression. There will be a big lesson to be learned through the 29th-degree aspect in a chart, and it will not be a walk in the park. This is a karmic aspect, and with this degree, you will bring a lot of karma with you from your previous life that will have to be dealt with and worked on. This lifetime will be a preparation for the great things that the soul will evolve into as time proceeds. The most significant indicator of a karmic lesson in this life would be if the native has a planet or angle (Asc, IC, Desc, Midheaven) on the 29th degree.

In transit astrology, when a transit or progressed planet passes the 29th degree of a sign in your natal chart you will experience significant changes in that area in your life that is indicated by the planet and the house the sign is placed in. Having an astrologer look into when you will experience these significant events through transit astrology can help prepare you for them.

The 29th degree is extremely important in transit astrology, and this indicates when most of us can experience our most significant life-changing moments. Whenever there has been a life-changing moment or experience in your life, chances are that the 29th degree could've been involved somehow. The planet that is in Anaretic degree will indicate which aspects the native needs to focus on and work on in this life in order for their soul to progress. For example, if the moon is in 29 degrees, they need to focus and develop their emotional nature.

Here is a breakdown of how often each planet changes, and what changes it can bring to you:

Moon: Roughly ever 2.5 days - Changes to your emotional state

Sun: Once a month - Changes to how you express yourself and your appearance

Mercury: Once a month - Changes to how you think and communicate

Venus: Once a month - Changes in your love life and finances

Mars: Every 6-7 weeks - Changes in your desires

Jupiter: Once a year - Changes is your outlook in life

Saturn: 2.5-3 years - Changes in your Career and social standing

Uranus: 7 years - Changes to your community

Neptune: 14 years - Changes to your higher mind and spirituality

Pluto: 20 years - Changes to your deepest innermost convictions & interests

When there are major transits with the outer planets, such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, the area of life represented by those planets and the natal planet in Anaretic degree needs to be dealt with.

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