The Astrology of Gordon Ramsay

I am a massive fan of Gordon Ramsay, and I find his personality type exciting and fascinating. Gordon has quite the concentration of energy in the sign of Virgo and the sign of Scorpio. The majority of his planets also span through the fifth house and the sixth house in his natal chart. If you had to take a Virgo and a Scorpio and you had to mash them together into one person, that is what Gordon Ramsay is. Gordon also obviously has other placements in his chart; however, if you look at his stelliums, it is his stelliums that are the most powerful and have the most significant influence in his chart.

Gordon is quite perfectionistic, and he is incredibly critical. He has a specific way in his mind that he wants things to be, and he expects things to be this way. When things aren't that way, he freaks out and he completely loses it. That is a very Virgo trait to have because Virgo people are such perfectionists. They approach everything in their life with the mentality that the end result has to be perfect. This means that Gordon approaches every single thing in his life with that mentality of achieving ultimate perfection.

The 5th house Virgo Stellium

Because he has his Virgo stellium in the fifth house, which is the house of creative expression, it means that Gordon has powerful creative energy within him. He has an outstanding ability to create things and to express himself through what he creates. This is something he is incredibly passionate about, but because the stellium is in the sign of Virgo within the fifth house, it means that whatever he does create, he will likely be extremely perfectionistic about it.

Usually, when a person has a fifth house Virgo stellium, they're generally very good at cooking, creative gardening, landscaping, and healthcare. Gordon's fifth house stellium in Virgo allows him to be incredibly creative and want to express himself very creatively; however, he will only do this in the most perfect way he possibly can.

Gordon is incredibly hard on himself with all these Virgo aspects. He does not want to achieve anything other than perfection, and he always does everything he needs to reach that level of perfection in the work he does and in his dishes. The thing about people who have such substantial Virgo aspects in their charts is that they are so hard on themselves to be perfect, and they are so hard on themselves to have things be a specific way that they apply this pressure onto themselves throughout their entire life. They also apply this pressure onto other people. It is tricky for Virgo stellium natives to come to terms with and to understand how other people aren't as able to be as perfect and as polished as what they are. That is when the criticism comes out. That is when the rude, offensive behavior comes out. These natives can see how they can do it themselves. They can see how it's possible to be done if you apply the focus, and you apply the energy to it. How come everybody else is struggling to get it done?

To Gordon, it's possible for him to perfect a dish. He can create something that is flawless. Why is nobody else able to put in the same amount of effort to create something that is perfect? This is why he's critical of people. Gordon doesn't criticize to break a person down. Gordon doesn't criticize because he wants you to feel bad about yourself. Gordon uses constructive criticism, which is a very common thing that Virgos do.

People with very strong Virgo placements use constructive criticism to let people know, "Hey, you're doing something wrong. The way you're doing things isn't right. There's a way better way to do things." The thing is, when these Virgo natives give people constructive criticism, they get offended. A lot of people are so unwilling to change the way they are doing things, they are so reluctant to see things through the eyes of another person or just to accept the advice that another person gives them that they get incredibly offended by constructive criticism. Whereas at the end of the day, that's all it really is. Gordon just wants everybody around him to be as productive and as efficient and capable as he is. Gordon can see the potential in the people he meets, and he can see how these people are not harnessing their full potential. Through criticizing them, he brings it to their awareness that there are things they need to change because they are so much better than that.

The 6th house Scorpio Stellium

Gordon also has a Scorpio stellium in the sixth house. The sign of Scorpio is incredibly intense. Having a stellium in the sign of Scorpio makes you an incredibly passionate person toward what it is that you do. The reason why Gordon does what he does is not that he wants to be famous. It's not because he wants to be rich. It's not because he wants to be recognized. Gordon does what he does because he wants to prove to himself that he can become the ultimate success, and he can make things as perfect as he wants it to be and reach his goals. With Gordon, the passion that he has for cooking is something that he pursues to find inner fulfillment within himself. The only way that Gordon would have been happy in this life is if he dedicated himself to that one thing that he is passionate about and becoming successful in that thing, which he did end up doing.

Gordon most likely had a passion for cooking from a very young age, and he poured his passion, heart, and everything into his cooking. That is why Gordon Ramsay is one of the best chefs in this entire world, because of that passionate love and dedication that he has for his cooking. Thanks to this Scorpio stellium that Gordon has, he was able to have this tremendous amount of passion within him to embark on and pursue his dreams of opening restaurants and hotels and becoming one of the best chefs in the world. His entire life, he has applied so much of his focus and dedication to this.

The combination of the Virgo and the Scorpio energy is quite profound. Through the Scorpio side, he has this determined, passionate energy within him for what he does, which is cooking. There's no way you can take that passion away from him. There's no way that passion will ever die. That passion within him will always be there, just like with Scorpios when they're passionate about something, they stay passionate about it forever. That is how Gordon Ramsay feels about his cooking and food.

If you look at the Virgo side of it, which influences the perfectionistic side in him, it makes sense how he is so incredibly passionate about food. However, he can also be so incredibly critical and nit-picky when it comes to food and when it is not in its top shape that he expects. Virgo is the sign of perfection. What he aims to do is to perfect his passion. He aims to perfect whatever it is that he pours his heart into. Suppose Gordon had a different stellium, for example. In that case, if he didn't have this Virgo stellium along with his Scorpio stellium, he might have been a little bit different. He might not have had the ability to identify all the minor flaws and all the little things that is wrong with a dish or a restaurant or whatever the case may be. Gordon would have lacked this analytical eye. He would have lacked the ability to make things as incredibly flawless polished and perfect as it is. It is because of this Virgo and Scorpio combination he has in his charts that he is the incredibly passionate, fiery, perfectionistic Gordon we know.

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