The Natal Chart Of Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle is an American oceanographer and marine biologist known for her research, her books, and her documentaries that are basically focused on creating and raising awareness of the threats that we face due to overfishing and pollution in our world's oceans. I find Sylvia Earle to be a fascinating person. When I was watching her documentary, I was amazed at how her mind works and how she thinks. I honestly wish that I could see the world through Sylvia Earle's eyes. If you do not know who Sylvia Earle is go watch her documentary Mission Blue, and you will likely be just as amazed by this woman as what I am.

Sylvia is incredibly observant of the natural world around her, and she has this very caring and nurturing quality within her towards the natural world. Her organization, also called mission blue, mainly focuses on preserving the world's oceans and protecting the seas from threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, and the dramatic decrease in fish in our ocean. Sylvia has been observing and researching our ocean for decades, and she has released many books on what she has noticed through her observations of how the ocean is changing. Sylvia has a very strong mission in her to make people aware of how they're destroying the world, and she wants to change this. Sylvia wants to bring awareness to everybody of how destructive their habits can be to our natural world around us.

Sylvia's love and passion for the natural world is incredible, and that is why I really want to have a look at her natal chart. The first thing I thought when I was watching her documentary is Sylvia must be a Virgo. The reason I thought this is because for a person to have such a highly nurturing quality to the world around them, they have to have some powerful Virgo imprint. I do need to mention on the other hand, you also get other signs that are very nurturing, like for example, Cancer. Cancers are very nurturing to their family. They're very nurturing to other people and their emotions and when other people are going through challenging emotions and that kind of thing. Virgo is a very nurturing and protecting sign, but Virgo does not nurture and protect their family. They do not nurture and protect other people's emotions, such as the case with Cancer, but Virgos nurture and protect the natural world around them.

Virgos are the one who protects our environment. Virgos are the ones who are aware of how our actions are impacting our environments, and they're the ones who are trying to change this. You will likely notice that a lot of Virgos will be vegetarian. A lot of Virgos will have environmentally conscious habits such as recycling. They'll probably have their own garden that they're tending to be self-sufficient. Virgos are known as the protectors of the earth.

I was really surprised and shocked to see her incredibly powerful stellium in the sign of virgo and spanning over her sixth and seventh house. The sixth house is the house of Virgo so being a Virgo and having so many Virgo planets spanning through the house of Virgo gives a person a mighty Virgo imprint. The sixth house represents serving. The sixth house is a very selfless house because the sixth house is not very concerned with the self. The sixth house is more concerned with serving the world, serving others making sure everybody is healthy. Making sure everybody is happy. Making sure all the duties that other people don't think of are tended to. Sylvia has Pallas, her Sun, Neptune, Ceres, Venus, the Black Moon, Mercury, and her moon moving through virgo.

As a virgo myself, I need to mention that many people like to say that we're so critical and we're so highly strung. Yes, there is some truth to this, and the reason for this is because Virgos are so incredibly hyper-observant. They are observing everything around them. They're observing how everything around them is going to be impacted in the future as well. Virgos don't just think about the here and the now; Virgos think about what's going to happen in the future.