The retrogrades of May 2020

May 2020 is an eventful month in terms of planets turning into retrograde. 2 of our outer planets are going to going to enter retrograde, which is Saturn and Jupiter, and one of our inner planets, which is Venus, will also enter retrograde.

First things, first! Saturn will go retrograde in Aquarius on May 11th. If you watched some of my coronavirus videos, you would see how I explain how this Saturn retrograde has quite a significant impact on what is happening in terms of the coronavirus in the world right now.

In terms of the Saturn retrograde, what will end up happening is as a collective we are going to try our very very best to put the structures in place that we need for us to continue into the future and make money again and find ways for everybody to be happy again. The thing is, Saturn is the planet that represents the structures of the world, and it represents the foundations of this world. When Saturn is in retrograde, trying to reshape or restructure the foundation of this world will practically be impossible.

When Saturn entered Aquarius, we as a collective started becoming a lot more aware of everybody in the world and what is best for everybody in the world. We put ourselves into self-isolation, thus protecting the people around us. We became more aware of the needs of others, however, now that Saturn is going to go into retrograde while it's in Aquarius, we will still be very considerate of the needs of the people around us. We will still be more aware of the collective consciousness. However, we will not really know what to do to make a change or to reshape things moving forward.

What's going to happen is Saturn is going to go back into Capricorn during this retrograde, and I feel that when Saturn goes back into Capricorn, this is when everything is kind of going to go back to the old way again when lockdowns in the countries end. The rules and regulations imposed on people in terms of this coronavirus will become lessened but then what will happen is people will go back to their old ways of doing things again. They're kind of going to have to go through this whole cycle again where they're going to have to learn, yet again.

Though it's all fine and dandy that right now that everybody is looking into themselves, reflecting on themselves. The thing is a lot of people think that everything is going to go back to the old way again soon and a lot of people are going to go back to that old way, but the thing about this whole Saturn transit is that we need to learn that we can't really do things the old way anymore. We need to change who we are, and we need to change the way we do things ultimately.

Venus enters retrograde as well in Gemini on May 13th. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, romance, and partnerships. When Venus enters retrograde, we can experience quite a bit of confusion and unsure when it comes to our relationships and partnerships. Venus is also representative of how we interact with other people, and to an extent, it can represent how we give affection, love, and care. During Venus retrograde, it's going to be very very tricky for us to show love affection, and care the way we usually do.

While Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius everything that we do, the way that society is being played out right now is entirely out of the norm. It's completely unconventional, and it's completely different from what we are used to. During Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, we're also going to be a lot more receptive to all kinds of information, and we'll take in all this information, and we'll consider it.

it can be a bit of a confusing time because there can be a lot of contradicting information everywhere, and it's very difficult to figure out what you need to believe in. While Venus is in retrograde in Gemini from May 13th, we will look a lot into how other people see us. We are going to need feedback from other people; we are going to need input from other people to tell us who we are, to tell us where we're going and what we're about. It will be very confusing for us to know ourselves. We are going to need information from other people so that we can understand who we are during this time. Our love nature will be very different. Our love nature will mainly be based on ideas and concepts and logic as opposed to actual sentimental feelings.

While Venus is retrograde in Gemini, we're also going to focus more on other people, and we're going to focus a lot more on communicating with them. However, it's going to be very, very tricky to relate to them and to relate where they are coming from in these communications. With Venus in retrograde how we relate to other people and our love nature is going to take up quite a bit of a change and a bit of up stir.

Last but not least, on May 14th, Jupiter enters retrograde in Capricorn. What this means is that we will want freedom, we all want expansion, we will want to go out there, we want to travel, and just experience new things which are represented by Sagittarius, which is the sign of travel and expansion. Because Jupiter is in Capricorn and because it is in retrograde from May 14th, we are going to be restricted. We are going to be limited in terms of our expansion. We already have been restricted and limited for a while now but it's going to be really prominent during the Jupiter retrograde. We're really going to feel the effects of not being able to do what we really want to do. The results of not being able to go out there and experience life. Not being able to travel and the restrictions are going to hit us hard during the Jupiter retrograde.

It's only been for a few weeks now that countries have been locked down, people have been in isolation, and the thing is by next month the reality of the situation will really be hitting us. With Jupiter in retrograde, we actually kind of need to learn to accept the limitations that we experience in life. If we're going to be continuously resisting it, if we're going to be arguing and fighting it, if we're going to say: "This is not fair, why is this happening to me! I'll never be able to do what I want to do; I'll never make any money," or whatever the case may be, this Jupiter retrograde is just going to be even harder for you. You need to learn to accept the challenges and the limitations imposed on you during this time. The more you fight it, the more you argue it, and the more you resist it, the harder it is just going to be for you.

Saturn and Jupiter both entering retrograde basically around the same time with around a three-day difference between them is quite a significant transit concerning what is happening in this world right now. Saturn represents the structures of the world, and it's going to enter retrograde on May 11th. Then also Jupiter symbolizes expansion, it represents growth, and that's also going to enter a retrograde. In essence, if you have to look at this in a basic way, the structures of the world and of society, as well as society's ability to expand itself and progress itself is going through a very very tough spot right now. We can't really work on the structures in this world anymore, and we also can't really work on expanding ourselves right now either.

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