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The Sexual Nature Of The Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has its own specific preference when it comes to its sexual nature. I'd also like to mention that what I'm about to list here can also be relevant to a Venus or a Mars placement. So let's say, for example, I am mentioning Taurus and Taurus's sexual nature it can also be relevant to a person who, for example, has their Venus or their Mars in Taurus as well. To have a comprehensive understanding of what your sexual nature will be like, have a look at your Sun sign, your Venus sign as well as your Mars sign.


Aries people are usually straightforward and very demanding in their approach. An Aries person knows exactly what they want, and they will likely tell you what it is that they want. Aries people do not like it when you make the first move, and they want to be the one who is in control and in charge of exactly what is happening. Aries people love to experience sudden bursts of passion and desire in their love life. If you're going to be boring and there's not going to be a lot of passion and desire flowing when you are interacting with each other, then the Aries will not get turned on. With an Aries, you need to grab them and show them the passion you feel and how badly you want to be with them, then they'll get excited.

Aries people are incredibly daring, so these are the people that would like to get down and dirty pretty much anywhere and anytime, even if it is inconvenient and even if it is best advised not to get down and dirty at that specific point in time. Aries people do not care if they get down and dirty in public and they get caught; they enjoy the thrill of this experience. The excitement associated with the danger that comes along with getting caught in the act excites Aries. Aries is not a sign that likes to take things slow. They're also not a sign that likes to spend a lot of time on foreplay. Aries wants to kind of get down to the deed as soon as possible, and they just want to get it done as quickly as possible. Aries people do not like to have these long intimate, caring, loving sexual experiences, and they prefer just to get it done as quickly as possible. An Aries person usually has many other things that they want to attend to and that they want to get done and do not like wasting a lot of their time on sex.


Taurus is an incredibly sensual sign. Taurus loves physical touch, and they can be somewhat of a slave to their physical desires. When you are involved with the Taurus lover, you will notice that this person is very sensual. They will be kissing you; they will be cuddling you, they will be touching you. They will likely be smelling you, tasting you, biting you, licking you. Taurus people love to show their affection through their senses, so when you're intimate with the Taurus person, you can expect this person to please you with all their senses. Taurus people are generally very good with their mouths, and they do prefer to have sex in a more romantic setting. They do not like it when things are dirty, when things are messy or when they're being rushed. A Taurus wants to set the mood for the experience, so they want to have candles lit. They want to have rose petals on the bed. They want to have a bottle of champagne on the nightstand. All these little romantic things get them in the mood.

Taurus people also really love sweets and desserts, so bringing sweets and desserts into the bedroom when you're getting intimate is a perfect idea. Taurus people love whipped cream, they love chocolate, they love strawberries, anything like that. Bring in all the yummy things into the bedroom, and you will see Taurus will love it. Because Taurus is the sign that rules over the five senses, Taurus natives can somewhat be a slave to their senses in some cases. Many Taurus people can be rather promiscuous and incredibly sexual whether they publicly display their sexuality or not; it doesn't matter. The majority of the Taurus people you will meet are incredibly sexual, and the reason for this is because Taurus is somewhat of a slave to their senses. Taurus people can't deny what their senses want. They cannot ignore their sensual cravings. If a Taurus person desires to have sex, they will most likely make a plan to do this. Taurus is also the sign of overindulgence. This causes many Taurus people to overindulge in sexual activities quite often. Because they are so over-indulgent in it, it can make it seem as if they are very promiscuous and sexual.


Because Gemini is a dual sign, many Geminis tend to be bisexual, and they have an interest in both the male and the female genders. It is quite common for many Geminis to keep their bisexuality a secret, but most people who have Sun, Venus, or Mars in Gemini do have some bisexual tendencies. Geminis do not mind getting down and dirty with more than one person at a time, and things such as threesomes can be pretty exciting and enticing to them. A Gemini is also not the kind of person who will get jealous if their partner for example, gets intimately involved with another person as long as the Gemini has agreed to this initially. Geminis do not mind sharing their partners, and Geminis also do not mind getting involved with more than one partner.

In many occasions, Gemini is an incredibly experimental and open-minded sign when it comes to the bedroom, and you can practically ask them to try anything. They will most likely not say no. Gemini is pretty much keen to try anything. On the other hand, Geminis get bored with their partners very, very quickly if there is not a lot of variety and excitement within the sex life, so it's crucial if you're involved with a Gemini that you try new things and that you keep things exciting for them. If a Gemini does not get the sense of excitement that they want from their sexual experiences with you, they will most likely find someone else who can give this excitement to them. Geminis love to talk about sex, and when they're also getting down and dirty, they love to be vocal and talk dirty things. A Gemini needs to have a conversation with you and establish a mental connection with you before they're able to get down and dirty with you. If a Gemini cannot mentally connect with you, chances are they will not connect with you sexually.


Cancer people need a sense of intimacy and a connection with a person before they're able to get turned on. If a Cancer person has not established a sense of intimacy or connection with a person, then chances are they're not going to be interested in having sex with that person. To get a Cancer to open up to you sexually, you need to appreciate them, admire them, nurture them, love them, and show them your affection. If they do not feel nurtured, respected, and admired by you initially, they're also not going to feel comfortable opening up to you sexually. Cancer people are your hopeless romantics. These are people who need lots of kisses, lots of love, and lots of cuddles before they're able to get down and dirty. To a Cancer, it's more about love and affection than it is about the actual physical pleasure that they gain from having sex. A Cancer must establish a bond of love and connection with a person initially.

Cancers are people who are incredibly good at serving you sexually, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy and that you are satisfied, even if it means that they might not be satisfied. To them, it's more about making their partner happy it's not really about making themselves happy. Your typical Cancerian will likely prefer lots of foreplay, and they will prefer things to move rather slowly and intimately instead of fast and passionately. Cancer people love gentle soft, slow sexual sessions. They do not want it to be fast and busy. Anything too busy and too fast for them will make them feel uncomfortable. Cancer people love to play classical romantic music in the background while they're getting intimate with someone, and they'll most likely dim the lights or even light some scented candles to create a pleasant sensual mood.

Your typical cancer native also sees sex as quite a big deal. It's not something that they take lightly. They won't just have casual hookups or hook up with anyone. To them, it's something that means a lot to them, and they need to feel some connection with the person they're with to be sexual. It is very rare to see a Cancerian involved in casual hookups or casual flings. Cancer is symbolized by the crab and the crab loves to have its privacy. The crab loves to go into its shell and hide, and just like this Cancers prefer confidentiality and secrecy when it comes to their sex life. Cancers don't like their sex life to be broadcasted to everyone. They don't want everyone to know exactly what it is they're doing. They prefer their love life to be more intimate and more secretive. Suppose a person is behaving overly provocatively and overly sexual. In that case, this will likely put them off as they believe that your sexuality should be kept private and you should keep it secret. It should not be displayed for everyone to see.


Leo's can be rather dramatic and showstoppers in the bedroom. They love to dress up, and they love to dazzle you. They love to woo you. Leo wants to feel like a movie star in the bedroom. Your typical Leo lover will most likely put on something very fancy and very sexy. They will probably play some seductive music and do some kind of sensual dance to seduce you. It's vital for a Leo to feel wanted and desired by the person they get involved with sexually. If they do not think that this person wants them and desires them more than anything in this world, they're not going to put in the effort they want to make this the most incredible experience for this person they will likely have in this world their entire life. Leos are incredibly sexual people.

Your typical Leo wants their lovemaking or their sexual experience to be like a movie scene. It has to be completely unreal and entirely out of this world. It is also essential to woo a Leo initially. You have to wine them and you have to dine them. You have to show them how badly you want to be with them and how interested you are in them. If a Leo does not feel like you're chasing them and if they don't feel like they're being chased they will not be interested in becoming intimate with you. For a Leo to want to be sexual with a person, they have to feel like this person is chasing them and that they are all over them.

Leo is also incredibly proud, and they will not stand for their partners showing any romantic or sexual interest in anyone else. If they do, they will most likely end the interaction or the relationship, and they will find someone who is solely sexually and romantically interested in only them. Your typical Leo is incredibly loud and vocal in the bedroom, and the neighbors can likely hear them while they're doing the deed. Even though Leo's want to feel chased and to feel admired by the object of their affection, they also really love to please the object of their affection. They will go out of their way to make sure they make their partner happy and that they do not disappoint them in the bedroom.


Virgos can be pretty full of nonsense when it comes to the bedroom, and they generally get put off by tiny little things that you usually cannot control or that you cannot help. It can be very tricky to figure out what makes a Virgo tick when it comes to the bedroom as they're not as open about what they like. Many people think Virgos do not like sex and that there are these virgin maidens that never want to get involved with anything sexual however this is not true. Virgos can be incredibly sexual. They can be more sexual than most of the other zodiac signs, but the thing is they do not show their sexuality; they keep their sexuality completely hidden. A Virgo's sexuality will only be shown and presented to those they feel completely comfortable with displaying their sexuality to.

Figuring out how to get a Virgo to open up to you sexually can be very, very challenging. A Virgo will not want to get down and dirty when they still have work to complete and when they still have tasks, duties, and responsibilities they have to attend to. The only time a Virgo will be able to relax and enjoy themselves sexually is when all their obligations have been dealt with. If there is anything on the back of their mind, it is impossible to get them turned on. Virgos generally do not enjoy casual sex, and they prefer to have one person they can be involved with sexually and share their sexual wants and desires with. Even though Virgo may seem like they do not enjoy being sexual, once they find a person they feel comfortable with and can open up to, they can be incredibly sexually active with that person.

Just like Gemini's, Virgo loves to talk about sex, and they can be rather vocal in the bedroom, and they love to have dirty conversations while they're getting down and dirty. Due to this specific reason, Virgo and Geminis are two signs that are very sexually compatible with each other. Virgo and Gemini know precisely how to communicate their sexual needs to each other, which works out very well. Your typical Virgo can be somewhat of a control freak, and due to this reason, they prefer it when their partner takes control in the bedroom and when they do not have to control everything that happens. If you want a Virgo to enjoy a sexual experience, do everything for them. Let them just lay down and enjoy themselves and you take charge. To a Virgo, their sexual experience is the only time that they will allow themselves to let go of control in their lives, so this is why they enjoy having a partner who prefers to take control in the bedroom.

Virgo is the sign that represents service to humanity. Virgos can be very serving towards their partners in bed, and they will always make sure that their partner is happy and satisfied. Virgos are usually very anxious people, and a Virgo won't just automatically be in the mood. You have to get them in the mood first by perhaps doing lots of foreplay or helping them deal with all their responsibilities so that they can just let loose and relax. Virgos will only get sexually involved with a clean person. If you stink and are dirty and do not look after yourself physically, then a Virgo will never hook up with you. The same counts for their environments. A Virgo will never have sex in a dirty, messy environment, and things need to be clean and organized around them. Virgos also aren't fans of drunk hookups or intoxicated hookups. You will likely not catch a Virgo having a drunken one-night stand with a person because Virgos do not like having sex when they are intoxicated.


Libra is the sign of love, and Libras automatically really love sex. Libras spend most of their waking time admiring, appreciating, and loving the person they admire and the object of their affection. Libras can easily have sex every day and do it two to three times a day and not get tired of it. Libras have an incredibly high sex drive. Libras often get incredibly lonely when they are single and do not have somebody they can be intimate with. A Libra needs to have someone to be close with or chances are they will allow themselves just to be intimate with anybody. Libras crave intimacy and connection so much that they're willing to do anything it takes to have that intimacy and connection, even if it means getting intimates with a person that's not good for them or who they should not get intimate with. On the other hand, when the Libra finds a person they can connect with and be intimate with that they truly love and truly admire and appreciate, they can be incredibly faithful to this person for the rest of their lives. A Libra needs to feel a sense of partnership and a sense of belonging with another human being.

It is effortless for a Libra to partner up with a person and only be intimate with that person for the rest of their lives; however, I have noticed this is more likely with female Libras than with male Libras. When male Libras become unhappy in their relationships, they can have wandering eyes, whereas female Libras tend to do what it takes to stick through the relationship and make sure it works. I'm not saying all male Libras have wandering eyes; however, if a male Libra is not happy in his relationship, there is a chance that his eyes may roam. I have noticed that when Libra men become unfaithful towards their partner, it's generally because they have turned hateful and resentful towards their partner. To avoid a Libra man being unfaithful to you, make sure that you always make him happy. Libras are very dedicated to their partners, and even though they love their partner, they can also build a sense of resentment and hate towards their partner if their relationship's not going well. Even if the relationship is not going well, they'll still stay with their partner because they feel a sense of responsibility towards them. When this happens, they will most likely be unfaithful. A libra can still seek a connection elsewhere. Your typical Libra can also enjoy sex toys and things such as bondage. Just like Scorpios, Libras love to get dirty in the bedroom, and they love to try and experiment with dirty things.


Scorpio is known as the most sexual zodiac sign, and the reason for this is because Scorpio is the sign that rules over the sexual organs. Sexual instinct and knowing what to do sexually just comes to a Scorpio very naturally. It's not something they have to learn. It's not something they have to pick up from somebody else. It's just something that is instinctively part of them. Due to this, it is very, very difficult to find a person who can compare the level of sexual intimacy and sexual intensity to what a Scorpio can give in a sexual experience. Scorpios are incredibly intimate people, and generally, a sexual experience with them can be a life-changing experience. Even though the Scorpio is incredibly sexual, they need some emotional connection with the person they get intimate with. A Scorpio can be their authentic self during a sexual experience more if they can get involved with A person they feel connected with.

When a Scorpio hooks up with a person they're not connected with, they won't enjoy the sexual experience. Your typical Scorpio is rather dominant when it comes to sex, and they do prefer a partner who is more submissive and more allowing to let the Scorpio take charge. Your typical Scorpio is also probably into very kinky taboo stuff. A lot of the stuff that they might want to try or experiment with in their sexual experiences can involve pain, and it can also possibly involve blood in some cases. Scorpios love to take sex, take pain, mix the two together, and make it one thing. I don't really know what this is all about, but it's a very Scorpionic thing. A Scorpio would also rather have an intense deep meaningful out-of-this-world sexual experience with someone instead of having a whole bunch of quickies with a person. If a sexual experience is just going to be a quick, meaningless interaction, the Scorpio would instead not do it. They would prefer to experience a more life-changing thrilling experience with the person they get intimately involved with. Scorpio is also very fond of eye contact during sex, which can be quite intimidating. If you're a Scorpio's partner and they're consistently staring into your eyes while you're doing the deed, the reason that they do this is because Scorpios are very good at reading people. They use people's eyes to read their emotions. A Scorpio can tell in your eyes how much you're enjoying the experience.


Sagittarius is a sign that gets very bored with a mundane sexual life, and they need lots of variety and spontaneity to keep things exciting for them. Sagittarians love danger, and anything that possesses a sense of danger or a person that has a sense of danger will most likely turn them on. If a Sagittarius can see that a sexual experience will be dangerous for them, they probably want to do it. Danger tends to arouse Sagittarians. A Sagittarius usually has absolutely no shame and absolutely no boundaries when it comes to sex. Sagittarius will try anything. There is nothing that is too crazy and too outlandish for them to try. Due to this, a lot of people view Sagittarians as these incredibly promiscuous, sexually arrogant people. Sagittarius is Scorpio energy to the extreme because Sagittarius is the sign that comes after Scorpio. A lot of people think Scorpio is this incredibly intense extreme sexual sign, but actually, Sagittarius takes that intensity and extremeness to a whole other level. The difference here is that Scorpios use sex as a way to connect with themselves as well as other people, whereas Sagittarians don't see sexual experiences as a way to connect with people. They just see it as an experience itself that they can experience.

To a Sagittarius, a sexual experience has not necessarily got anything to do with a connection with a person. It's more about the physical desire and the physical act that goes associated with it. Sagittarians can be much much more sexual than Scorpios, but the difference here is that Scorpios are more private about their sexuality, whereas Sagittarians love to display their sexuality to the world. Many people can find the sexual nature of a Sagittarius to be a little bit overbearing because they do not have boundaries. They do not identify when they've gone too far or when their behavior is too much. Intimate sex and intimate hookups are not necessarily Sagittarius's favorite thing, and they do possess a sense of casualness when it comes to their sexuality. A lot of Sagittarians don't see sex as a big deal at all because a lot of them do not emotionally connect with their sexuality and with sexual experiences as a whole. There is a lack of emotional investment in their sexual experiences. Sagittarians are incredibly good at being sexual; however, they do not allow thoughts and emotions to impact their performance. They kind of just do what they want to do, and they do it. They don't feel or overthink it. Most Sagittarians have mastered the physical acts of sex; however, the emotional side is something they're not too connected with. Sagittarians also really enjoy risky hookups, so it is very likely that if you ask a Sagittarius to hook up in the bathroom at a friend's dinner party, they will most likely say yes. Any sexual experience that poses some risk is something that they will be interested in.


Capricorns are incredibly ambitious people; however, many people underestimate them because their sense of ambition is usually hidden. Capricorn is the sign that doesn't talk. They just do. Whereas most other people will be saying, I'm going to be accomplishing this, I'm going to be doing this, and they love to talk the talk but not walk the walk. Capricorn just walks the walk; they don't talk the talk. With your typical Capricorn, you will not know what they're up to, what they're busy with, or what they're doing, but you will see what they have accomplished, and you'll just see the results of what they have been working on manifest. Capricorns don't usually tell you what they're doing. They just do it. Like how Capricorns are incredibly ambitious, they do not necessarily show this, so are Capricorns also very sexual, but they do not necessarily show their sexual side. To your typical Capricorn, casual sex is a huge no-no. To a Capricorn, everything in their life is quite serious and similarly, sex is also a very serious topic to them, and it's not something that they take lightly.

A Capricorn is not a person who will hook up or get intimately involved with just anyone. A Capricorn is incredibly selective, and they will only get intimately involved with a person who is likely successful and who has their life together. a Capricorn will not hook up with the person who is not ambitious, who's not focused, and not dedicated to achieving something in their life. A Capricorn only wants to hook up with a person who's ambitious, just like what they are. A Capricorn knows that you, in essence, become the person that you intimately involve yourself with. If they're going to intimately involve themselves with people who do not have goals and ambitions in life, it will impact them as well. Capricorns can be quite controlling, and a little bit bossy in bed, and they will most likely tell you what it is they want you to do, and they probably won't let you take all of the control. They might make you feel or think that you're in control, but actually, the Capricorn is the one who's in control. Capricorns are very clear and direct regarding what it is they want. A Capricorn will most likely tell you exactly what they want you to do for them, and they will expect you to do it. Capricorns get very put off by people who are all talk but no walk. If you're going to tell a Capricorn that you're good in bed or you're going to tell a Capricorn about all your sexual achievements, but when it comes to getting down and dirty, you don't know anything, this is going to irritate them.

Don't go and pretend that you're so sexually powerful and that you're so good in bed to a Capricorn because they will see right through this. Instead of telling a Capricorn that you're good in bed, rather just show them because if you're going to tell them, they're not going to be interested. They want to see the results. They want to see what you're saying. A Capricorn doesn't believe words. A Capricorn believes in action. A Capricorn quickly gets put off and disappointed by a person who thinks that they're all that, but then they just end up disappointing the Capricorn at the end of the day. Don't be that person. Don't be that person who thinks they're all that, but you're just disappointing the Capricorn. The best way to woo a Capricorn is to just surprise them by showing them. If you make any bold claims to a Capricorn, make sure that you can act out on the claims you make because otherwise, you will embarrass yourself.


Your typical Aquarius has a rather unusual approach to their sexuality, and the way they approach sex is incredibly eccentric and different. Your typical Aquarius will most likely get intimately involved with extraordinary people that you would never have thought they'd get intimately involved with before. Aquarius can be pretty strange and by that, what I mean is you might never have thought that this person would get intimately involved with a specific person, but then they do end up getting involved with that person. Usually when they pair up with people, you look at them, and you think to yourself, how did these two people end up together. Aquarians love going for very unconventional people, and they typically choose the partner who will create a sense of shock when people see them with their partner. The person an Aquarius usually chooses to get intimately involved with is a person who is entirely different from what they are.

An Aquarius has an incredibly unconventional sex life, and the way they approach sex is entirely different from any other zodiac sign. It is challenging to pinpoint what an Aquarius sexual nature will be like because every one of them is so unconventional that every one of them has their unique way of approaching sex. Some might approach it with a more casual attitude. Some might approach it with a more intimate attitude. It doesn't matter which way they approach it at the end of the day; the dynamic will be pretty unusual. To an Aquarius, their partner must possess an air of mystery. An Aquarius needs to be incredibly intrigued and interested in a person actually to be sexually attracted to them. Suppose an Aquarius can sum you up and they can figure you out very easily. In that case, they're not going to want to get dirty with you. To ignite an aquarian's passion and sense of sexual desire, you have to ignite a sense of mystery in their minds. A typical Aquarian enjoys role-playing. So they can act out crazy roles when they're intimate, and they can get very, very into it. Aquarians are also very, very good at having friends with benefits. An aquarian knows exactly how to keep a sexual interaction casual and cool and maintain a friendship with a person while they're still sexually involved with that person. Aquarians can also be sexually involved with many people at once; however, they will not be romantically involved with these people, and it will mainly just be friendships where they do have these sexual interactions as well.


Pisces is a sign that generally does require quite a profound emotional and spiritual connection with their partner for them to be sexually involved with that person. Pisces people can very easily be taken advantage of. Another person can easily pretend that they are in love