The Sexual Nature Of The Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has its own specific preference when it comes to its sexual nature. I'd also like to mention that what I'm about to list here can also be relevant to a Venus or a Mars placement. So let's say, for example, I am mentioning Taurus and Taurus's sexual nature it can also be relevant to a person who, for example, has their Venus or their Mars in Taurus as well. To have a comprehensive understanding of what your sexual nature will be like, have a look at your Sun sign, your Venus sign as well as your Mars sign.


Aries people are usually straightforward and very demanding in their approach. An Aries person knows exactly what they want, and they will likely tell you what it is that they want. Aries people do not like it when you make the first move, and they want to be the one who is in control and in charge of exactly what is happening. Aries people love to experience sudden bursts of passion and desire in their love life. If you're going to be boring and there's not going to be a lot of passion and desire flowing when you are interacting with each other, then the Aries will not get turned on. With an Aries, you need to grab them and show them the passion you feel and how badly you want to be with them, then they'll get excited.

Aries people are incredibly daring, so these are the people that would like to get down and dirty pretty much anywhere and anytime, even if it is inconvenient and even if it is best advised not to get down and dirty at that specific point in time. Aries people do not care if they get down and dirty in public and they get caught; they enjoy the thrill of this experience. The excitement associated with the danger that comes along with getting caught in the act excites Aries. Aries is not a sign that likes to take things slow. They're also not a sign that likes to spend a lot of time on foreplay. Aries wants to kind of get down to the deed as soon as possible, and they just want to get it done as quickly as possible. Aries people do not like to have these long intimate, caring, loving sexual experiences, and they prefer just to get it done as quickly as possible. An Aries person usually has many other things that they want to attend to and that they want to get done and do not like wasting a lot of their time on sex.


Taurus is an incredibly sensual sign. Taurus loves physical touch, and they can be somewhat of a slave to their physical desires. When you are involved with the Taurus lover, you will notice that this person is very sensual. They will be kissing you; they will be cuddling you, they will be touching you. They will likely be smelling you, tasting you, biting you, licking you. Taurus people love to show their affection through their senses, so when you're intimate with the Taurus person, you can expect this person to please you with all their senses. Taurus people are generally very good with their mouths, and they do prefer to have sex in a more romantic setting. They do not like it when things are dirty, when things are messy or when they're being rushed. A Taurus wants to set the mood for the experience, so they want to have candles lit. They want to have rose petals on the bed. They want to have a bottle of champagne on the nightstand. All these little romantic things get them in the mood.

Taurus people also really love sweets and desserts, so bringing sweets and desserts into the bedroom when you're getting intimate is a perfect idea. Taurus people love whipped cream, they love chocolate, they love strawberries, anything like that. Bring in all the yummy things into the bedroom, and you will see Taurus will love it. Because Taurus is the sign that rules over the five senses, Taurus natives can somewhat be a slave to their senses in some cases. Many Taurus people can be rather promiscuous and incredibly sexual whether they publicly display their sexuality or not; it doesn't matter. The majority of the Taurus people you will meet are incredibly sexual, and the reason for this is because Taurus is somewhat of a slave to their senses. Taurus people can't deny what their senses want. They cannot ignore their sensual cravings. If a Taurus person desires to have sex, they will most likely make a plan to do this. Taurus is also the sign of overindulgence. This causes many Taurus people to overindulge in sexual activities quite often. Because they are so over-indulgent in it, it can make it seem as if they are very promiscuous and sexual.


Because Gemini is a dual sign, many Geminis tend to be bisexual, and they have an interest in both the male and the female genders. It is quite common for many Geminis to keep their bisexuality a secret, but most people who have Sun, Venus, or Mars in Gemini do have some bisexual tendencies. Geminis do not mind getting down and dirty with more than one person at a time, and things such as threesomes can be pretty exciting and enticing to them. A Gemini is also not the kind of person who will get jealous if their partner for example, gets intimately involved with another person as