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Top 5 Best Astrology Aspects

Every aspect that exists has a specific influence, and some aspects have more favorable influences than what others do. Below is my list of what I think are the most powerful aspects to have in your Natal Chart.

1. Sun conjunct or trine Jupiter

Jupiter is a planet of luck and whenever Jupiter is in a favorable aspect with the Sun, such as the conjunction or the trine, the person will be a very lucky person in their life. They don't really have to try as hard as what other people have to accomplish something or to get somewhere in life. These natives tend to just be really lucky and things tend to just fall onto their lap. They are continuously blessed with the most amazing opportunities and they are also provided with quite the amount of abundance and resources within their lives so that they can make a success of themselves and reach their goals and their dreams. These natives also have incredibly positive attitudes and they have a very positive outlook towards life. They see the glass as half full instead of half empty and they're always able to recognize the good in a situation. People with this aspect aren't negative people and they're incredibly positive people who light up a room and really have a positive influence in the lives of the people they're involved with. The disposition of these natives is just amazing. They're so friendly, they're so generous and they possess this incredibly contagious energy that makes you feel good when you're around them. You can also have so much fun with these natives as they always have a very optimistic outlook with every single thing that they get involved with.

2. Moon conjunct or trine Venus

Natives who have their Moon in a positive aspect to Venus, especially a conjunction or trine, these are people that are some of the most caring and loving people out there. People with this aspect genuinely care about other people. These are the people that will go to the edge of the earth for the ones they love. They will do anything within their power for those they care about. You will very rarely experience negative emotions or toxic, harmful emotions coming from a person who has a positive aspect between their Moon and their Venus in their chart because they are very receptive and they're very open to the emotions and the feelings of other people. They are incredibly aware of other people's emotions and never want to hurt anybody around them. These people tend to be quite lucky in a sense where they're always meeting, surrounded by and exposed to people who really provide for them and appreciate them and care for them. People with this aspect have a much more sensitive nature than your average person. Other people can see how these natives really extend their arm far beyond their reach to help whoever they can & to be there for whoever they can. People really appreciate these natives for this, and through this, this native will always be looked after. Their emotional nature is so warm, open, and inviting to other people that other people just want to be around them all the time, and other people just want to confide in them. These natives are the best people to talk to and tell about your problems and open up to because they truly care about what you are going through, and they also truly care about you.

3. Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven

If a native has Jupiter in conjunction with their Midheaven, it indicates that they will be very successful within their life. Whatever it is that they pursue and whatever it is that they're interested in, they will likely make a big success out of themselves. Generally, people with this aspect will have some kind of hobby that they're very interested in, and their passion for that specific hobby or interest will be what eventually expands them in this world, and what gets them recognized by other people. People with their Moon in conjunction with their Midheaven have an extremely rare ability to take the risks necessary to pursue their goals and their dreams and to make it a success. Many people who do not have this aspect, when they try and pursue their dreams and pursue their goals, can fail. However, a native with their Jupiter on their Midheaven will always make a success of whatever their goals or their dreams are. These natives will also make a very big impact in this world. These natives possess quite the amount of knowledge and insight that will be quite a significant contribution to society. These people also have insights that they need to share with the world and that they need to teach the world. Through these insights that they teach to others, they actually help others grow themselves as well.

4. Mars conjunct the North Node

Natives who have their Mars in conjunction with the North node have this very big sense of urgency to accomplish something within their lifetime. These people can somewhat feel like there is a firecracker up their bum to accomplish their goals and dreams. The North Node represents your destiny. It represents your life path, and Mars represents your willpower and your ability to take action. When these two planets are in a conjunction with each other your willpower and your want and need to take action will fully be focused on your destiny and your life path. Most of the actions you will take, most of the steps you will make in your life, will be steps and actions that will get you closer and closer to your destiny and life path. Through this, in essence, natives who have their Mars in conjunction with the North node are always making the right actions and the right choices that get them on to the exact path that they need to fulfill their purpose. In this lifetime they know exactly what steps they need to take to get to where they need to be, and they possess an incredibly high level of intelligence and perception regarding what is the right thing to do to become a success. People who have their Mars in a conjunction with the North Node have a very strong purpose within this life and they will fulfill that purpose.

5. The Part of Fortune in the Second or Tenth House

The part of fortune is an Arabic part in astrology, and this is basically what indicates where you find your luck where you find your fortune within this lifetime. Having the Part of Fortune in the second house indicates that this person has a very strong ability to become quite wealthy and quite rich within their life. Whether it requires them to work hard or not, they can, and they most likely will accumulate quite the amounts of resources and quite the amount of money within their life. Usually, when the Part of Fortune is in the second house, it indicates that the native worked very hard, and through working hard, they will become incredibly wealthy and successful within their life. However, it can also suggest that other influences in their life can cause them and lead them to become wealthy and successful without them having to work hard. With the Part of Fortune in the 10th house, the native will make a huge success of themselves within their career in this lifetime. Whatever career this native chooses to get involved with, they will reach the top in this career. They will likely accumulate a very high position of authority, and they will be very respected for what they do in their profession and in their career.

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