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Understanding A Taurus Moon

The moon represents our inner emotional nature. The moon is very different from our sun sign as our moon sign is what we feel inside ourselves, but it's what we don't necessarily show to the world. The moon governs over the more intimate private emotions that we experience. People who are close to you in your life will most likely notice the traits and the qualities of your moon sign shining through. People who are merely acquaintances and do not know you that well most likely won't see these qualities in you as these are only qualities you show to people you feel comfortable around.


If you have a Taurus moon when you were a child, you were incredibly mature and very responsible. As a child, you had this sense of noticing everything around you that is wrong and imperfect in the world. A Taurus moon child is so wise and intelligent that they seem much more mature than their actual age. Taurus moon kids do not mind taking all the grown-ups' responsibilities. They also do not mind being hands-on within their household and helping alleviate a lot of the burdens of their family members for them. Taurus moon people have learned a sense of responsibility from a very young age. They also had to learn to become quite mature as they could have been given significant responsibilities when they were younger. These are your people who might have been cooking when they were five years old. They might have been doing the family's laundry when they were ten years old. These are the people who were given responsibilities way too young, and because of this, as adults, they find it difficult to enjoy themselves and let loose and live in the moments.

Duty and responsibility focused

People with a Taurus moon rarely focus on themselves. They rarely focus on self-care and looking after themselves because they were taught from a very young age that looking after themselves is not essential, and it's more important to take responsibility and to look out for others. Most Taurus moon natives base their sense of self-worth and value on how much they are needed in the lives of others. When a Taurus moon does not feel like other people need them and want them in their lives, and there are no responsibilities they can take on for these people, they do not think that they have value. Their sense of worth comes directly from how much they can help other people by alleviating their burdens and responsibilities.

Love and relationships

Taurus moon people can often move very quickly and become very attached fast when it comes to love. Even if they aren't happy in a relationship and feel unsatisfied, they will stay in a relationship because they need to feel a sense of value and that somebody appreciates them. It is easy for a Taurus moon person to ignore their emotions while in a relationship and stay in an unsatisfying relationship. Suppose something offers a Taurus moon security, whether it be a job, relationship, friendship, or whatever the case. Even if they do not feel entirely happy or satisfied with it, they will opt for security. Taurus moons do not mind experiencing a few unpleasant emotions if it means they will have comfort and protection. Taurus moons will want security so much that they attract people into their lives who have no sense of responsibility and maturity whatsoever. These people lean on the Taurus moon person to be the responsible one.

Overwhelmed by responsibilities

When a Taurus moon was a kid, they were given all these responsibilities, and they had to grow up and be mature fast. As adults, they wish that somebody else would take this responsibility. They want to to meet someone mature and who can give them the security they seek so that they do not have to be the responsible, mature one. However, they tend to attract irresponsible, immature people into their lives. They keep playing this role of being the mature, responsible one, which can be incredibly frustrating. All they want to attract is a mature, responsible person who will take charge of their lives and give them the comfort and security they so dearly seek.

Suppressed emotions

Moon in Taurus individuals can very easily lie to themselves. They can suppress their emotions and deny them, especially when they're in a relationship or unhappy within a specific interaction. A Taurus moon cannot deny their physical desires. Suppose a Taurus moon person is in an unhappy relationship; although they can suppress these negative emotions, they cannot pretend that they are physically attracted or turned on by a person they're not attracted to. When it comes to their body, they can't lie to themselves. They can't fake an attraction or a physical attraction to a person when there is none whatsoever.

Highly sensual

Generally, people who have a moon in Taurus have this incredibly charming, sensual, and graceful nature to them. They can be quite physically attractive. Taurus people are being responsible and working hard the majority of the time. The rest of the time, when they're not working hard, they allow themselves to indulge in their pleasures. Taurus moon people can't deny their senses when they want something. Let's say; for example, a Taurus moon wants to eat half a cake; they most likely will eat half that cake. Let's say; for example, a Taurus moon wants to spend two hours relaxing in the bath with candles and a bubble bath; they most likely will. If a Taurus moon wants to buy themselves a gorgeous designer dress that probably costs as much as your paycheck, they most likely will. Taurus people do not deny themselves these pleasures in life. If a Taurus moon desires something, you can pretty much bet that the Taurus moon will end up getting it. A Taurus moon will put in the work required to get the things they want so that their senses are pleased and so that they can fulfill their desires. It's effortless for them to deny their emotions, and it's effortless for them to push aside a specific emotion they might feel, but if they have a craving for something, they can't deny it because that craving is a physical thing. Anything that is a physical craving to them, they cannot ignore.

A life of luxury

Taurus moon people need to have some luxurious setting in their environment for them to feel comfortable. If they have a home and have décor and furniture that is maybe not very luxurious, not very fancy, and that's maybe a little old and a little bit outdated, they're not going to feel very good in it. A Taurus moon wants to have very luxurious surroundings, and they also only want to eat luxurious food and wear very nice clothes. The way that they feel within their physical environments impacts their emotional state. For example, if a Taurus moon person wakes up in a bedroom that is a massive mess and that stinks, the Taurus moon person will be in a bad mood for that entire day. If a Taurus moon wakes up in a beautifully decorated bedroom that smells nice and has a lovely view, they are going to feel so amazing when they wake up that they're going to be in an incredible mood for the entire day. A Taurus moon's physical environment does have a tremendous impact on their mood. When their environment is messy and dirty, they are miserable. When their environment is not beautiful, they feel out of place and do not feel very happy.

Overcoming Adversity

People can often make a Taurus moon feel a lot smaller than they are. Someone can maybe tell a Taurus moon that they cannot become this wealthy, successful person because they come from a life that does not allow them many opportunities. Taurus moon people can overcome any circumstances in their lives, gain riches, and gain material success and wealth regardless of where they come from. Even if they come from a low-income family who does not have lots of money and even if they weren't given many opportunities when they were younger, they will create opportunities for themselves. Taurus people naturally gravitate towards a life filled with material luxury and physical and financial abundance. They will create this for themselves because it emotionally drives them and makes them happy.

Image Conscious

Taurus moon people can often feel like they do not belong where they come from because many of them have this vision of luxury in their minds. Many of them can look at people who have beautiful homes or luxurious lives and wish that it was them. They often wish that they were the people who are so blessed with these beautiful mansions, beautiful sports cars, private jets, and designer clothing. When they see these people, they can be envious because they long for this. If they come from a family that does not have that much money, they won't feel like they belong. Taurus moon people need to watch out for comparing their appearances to other people. They are so very aware of physical and material reality that they place much importance on their appearance. If they feel they're not as beautiful as another person, it can hurt them and disappoint them. Taurus people often daydream about the luxurious lives they wish they could have. They could think about the mansions and the sports cars they so badly want, and they can pretend that they're living this life. However, they get shaken back into reality when they realize that their life isn't filled with mansions and sports cars, and they have to work hard. Eventually, they might get there.

The importance of self-connection

The closer a Taurus moon is to knowing themselves and the more connected they are with themselves, the less they need to fill their lives with material luxuries and physical objects because they realize their true value. They realize how blessed they are with what they already have. When a Taurus moon person is not very connected with themselves and does not know themselves very well, they will seek out a lot of material abundance. They will seek money and riches because having these things defines who they are. In their eyes, when other people look at them, and they see all these riches, other people will like them and admire them. The reason they see things this way is that they do not realize the importance of who they are inside. Many Taurus moons don't realize that happiness comes from your feelings about yourself. It comes from your inner world, from how connected you are to yourself and how well you know yourself. Happiness is not linked to how many beautiful dresses you own or luxurious objects and money you have.

When a Taurus moon does find themselves and connects with themselves, they will realize that they do not need all these things to impress people and that they can impress people by just being themselves. Many Taurus moons do realize this throughout their life where they do connect with themselves and do not seek out all these material riches to impress people and attract people towards them. However, many Taurus people don't, and they never really find themselves and connect with their true inner selves, and they do seek out material objects to attract people towards them in their lives. This is why it's essential for a Taurus moon native not to suppress their emotions and not ignore them because the more they do this, the more disconnected they will become from themselves. The more they will want to fill this empty void within themselves with money and objects.

Powerful Creatives

Taurus moon people are incredibly creative, and they're very good with their hands. They're very good at creating actual paintings and art as well as crafty items. I know many Taurus moon people who are jewelry makers and designers. A Taurus moon person has this powerful sense of creativity and expression within them, but what happens a lot is their life is shaped so that they are very restricted in terms of their creative expression. Although they can create profound amazing things, they never really do because they're always working on their responsibilities instead of being creative. What happens very often when a Taurus moon person does have this inspiration to be creative, but they're not actually being creative and not expressing their creative energy, they become like a bull in a china shop where they just become incredibly restless and grumpy. Taurus moon people must allow themselves to express themselves creatively and to not only focus on work and responsibilities because they will become very agitated if they do.

Loyal and attached

Taurus moon people can very quickly become overly attached to specific people or specific situations in their life. Even though they have gained what they had to gain out of this person or condition, even though they've learned their lesson and it's time for them to move on, they won't. They stay in unpleasant situations for way too long, and many of them will stay in this unpleasant situation forever. They don't want to leave because they are comfortable and secure with what they know. Even though what they know is unpleasant for them, they know it, and it offers them that sense of comfort and security. It's like the saying that goes, shit stinks, but it's warm. Taurus moon people have a similar mentality where even though something can be entirely unpleasant for them, if it offers them a sense of comfort and stability in their life, they will stick with it. Moon in Taurus individuals are very focused on building these external resources in their lives to feel comfortable and secure, but it's not about having those external resources; it's about building the inner strength and the inner resources instead. If a moon in Taurus person is always going to lean on and rely on their external world to bring them comfort, peace, and security, it will be like this bottomless pit in their life. They must realize that their sense of comfort and safety has to come from themselves. It has to come from inside themselves because always relying on external sources for your comfort and security will cause you never be able to feel stable, secure, and solid completely alone on your own two feet.

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