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Understanding the 12th house - Your hidden self

When I observe a birth chart, the 1st thing I always look at is that person’s 12th house. This house is a strong indication of a person's unconscious behaviours, and understanding your 12th house is essential to understand why you behave in certain ways you have no control over. This house also shows you hidden parts of yourself, and some call this your “Shadow self.”

The 12th house is the house of Pisces, and the ruling planet is Neptune. Jupiter is the co-ruler of this house, as it was the initial ruler of the 12th house before Neptune was discovered. They say this is the house where we lose ourselves, and due to us not being conscious of it, it can indicate how we destroy ourselves. The 12th house can represent both good and bad.

This house represents the last part of our life, which is ultimately the separation of the soul from the body. The 1st house represents birth, and each house represents a different cycle we go through in life. This is the house of your undoing because this is the house where you officially separate your soul from the physical plane and you lose yourself, or more so, your physical self.

Any planet in the 12th house is an indicator of a karmic lesson, and you need to pay attention to what that planet is telling you. This house can also tell you a lot about your past life. The 12th house can be a serious topic as this addresses the more serious aspects that have an effect over you and your life.

People with strong 12th house influences will have a tendency to have strong spiritual characteristics, depending on what the planet or sign is in this house. The 12th house rules over that what is invisible. If a person has a strong 12th house influence in their chart, they can feel that they do not get recognized in this world, and that they themselves are invisible. Whatever planet is there can make you feel that the aspect of your life represented by the planet goes unrecognized. For example, if you have a 12th house Mercury, it may feel that no one wants to listen to your thoughts or opinions, or if you have a 12th house Mars it can feel that no one recognizes your actions or efforts.

This house can lead you to try and figure out who you are in relation to what planets are placed here. It represents your deepest inner being, who you are deep inside. This shows the person who you are that is hidden so deep, it never even shows itself, not to you or anybody else. Most people who have a strong connection to their 12th house possess an ability to be spiritual guides, or even psychologists, as they are able to sense the undercurrents, forces and emotions that most of us were not even aware existed.

What do planets in the 12th house mean?

Sun in 12th house - You can feel invisible, as your ego is diminished. It can be challenging to gain any form of recognition.

Moon in 12th house - Your emotions are always hidden, and they are hardly displayed openly. It can be challenging to understand or feel emotions.

Mercury in 12th house - Your thoughts and opinions go unnoticed. When you talk, it can often seem like nobody is really listening.

Mars in the 12th house - Your actions and efforts go unnoticed. Often when you work hard or do well, people don't see it. Others do not realize your capabilities.  

Venus in the 12th house - Your ability to love is hidden. It can be challenging to show feelings of love and affection and others can see you as cold and distant.

Jupiter in the 12th house - Your knowledge is unrecognized. You can be a highly intelligent genius, but nobody realizes how much you really know.

Saturn in 12th house - Your authority is not recognized. It can be difficult for you to establish dominance or take charge as others do not see you as intimidating.

Uranus in 12th house - You can be extremely open minded and receptive. You have ideas that are genius yet bordering insanity, and this causes people to not take your insights seriously.

Neptune in 12th house - You will possess extremely sensitive senses, you will be able to sense other people's emotions and other dimensions, however it will not be very apparent.

Pluto in 12th house - You will have a deep interest in dark, taboo topics and will research and pursue this in your privacy.  

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