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Venus in Gemini

Venus is the planet that represents people we are attracted to and our relationships. With Venus in Gemini, it will mean that you have also quite a scattered attention span when it comes to people, as well as your partnerships.

Settling down with one person is a little bit challenging for you because you're interested in a whole bunch of people, so it's not to say you're romantically interested in a whole bunch of people, but it's difficult for you to apply and give all your focus to one person.

When you are in a partnership with a person, that other person will expect you to give all your focus to them, and that's something that you really struggle to do because of your attention span being quite short.

You will meet a person and you will think this person is incredibly interesting, you will get to know them, you will find out everything about them but then once you actually know this person and you found out everything about them and you meet another person who's interesting, and you want to get to know everything about this person too. You basically go through the cycle; where there is always somebody new that sparks your interest, and this is all related to the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is a sign that has a scattered attention span. Gemini wants to find out all the information from everything, everyone, and from everywhere. So, when the planet of love is in Gemini it will mean that you will be the kind of person who can have a bit of a romantic interest in many people at once, and you can get disinterested and bored in a person very quickly if they're not interesting enough. If they cannot keep your attention you are quickly going to give your attention to someone else.

What is very important to you is that you're able to have an intellectual conversation with a person that you see as a potential partner. T he most important thing for you in a partner is that intellectual connection. You are not too phased about things like appearance, you are not too phased about their social standing, you are not too phased about anything really. You just want an intense mental connection with the person; you want to be able to have hours-long conversations with this person. Essentially you do not want to get bored with your partner whatsoever, they have to always be able to stimulate you mentally

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