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Venus in Virgo

Venus placed in Virgo is not the most excellent placement for Venus. Virgo is known as Venus's "fall position". This means that Venus operates not the greatest in the sign; you can be a little critical of the people in your life. You can have certain expectations, specific ways, that you want people to be, or how you want people to act and enforce this on to them.

When people do not react or act the way you want them to, you can become critical. You have an image in your head of the perfect partner, or the ideal person to be with. Obviously, you will never find that ideal person but what will happen is you will enter a relationship with someone that does not match that perfect image that you have- because it's going to be impossible for anyone to match that ideal image. When this person you are with does not match that image, you will criticize them. You do want functional relationships; you do not want unconventional relationships. You want to know where you stand in your relationship, and you want to be fully aware of everything.

You also want a relationship that will give you the things you need in your day-to-day life in terms of stability and practicality, so you want a partner that you can have a comfortable home life with and that you can do the everyday things with. You do not want a partner who is over the top, has crazy odd ideas, and is unstable and flighty. You want a person who will be stable, a person who will stay there- no matter what, through thick and thin. You also might tend to expect your partners to be quite neat, and to be quite punctual. You will get intensely irritated if your partner is untidy and does not clean up after themselves or does not have manners.

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