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What I love about Scorpios

For some reason, Scorpio is the most hated zodiac sign. I disagree with this. I think Scorpio is a rather incredible zodiac sign but just very misunderstood. These are the reasons why I believe Scorpios are fantastic.

1. They're incredibly passionate.

A Scorpio's passion is incomparable. When a Scorpio falls in love with a person or when a Scorpio wants to accomplish something, they will put their everything toward achieving it or completing it. When a Scorpio is in love, they will do anything imaginable for their lover. The amount of passion that they hold in them is incredible.

2. Scorpios are incredibly intense.

Many people get overwhelmed by a Scorpio's presence, and they find them to be rather intense; however, I find this incredibly attractive. Scorpio people have this unique intensity to them. When a Scorpio enters the room, you can feel it. You can feel that intense energy that they possess, and this is something I love. I also love how incredibly dedicated Scorpios are and also how competitive they are. Many people see competitiveness as a negative thing; however, I see it as a positive thing because it shows their unyielding passion and determination for what they do and what they want to accomplish.

3. Scorpios are also very disciplined.

Scorpios do not give in to their sensual desires or their sensual cravings. Scorpios precisely know how to transform negative thoughts and habits into positive ones and make themselves more powerful positive, productive human beings. Scorpios don't like to dwell on the negatives. They notice the negative. They work through that negative, and they get over it, and they move on. Scorpios can persevere until the end. They can push through everything no matter how much pain they go through. No matter how much it hurts them. No matter how much it disadvantages them, they will get through it and reach the end. This ability within them is incredible.

4. Scorpios have strong personalities.

Scorpios possess a powerful personality, and when you deal with them, you kind of feel like you don't want to mess with them. So when you're dealing with a Scorpio, you can feel that intensity. You can feel that strength that they hold. The thing about Scorpio is they don't make their inner strength known. So many people are all bark, but no bite. With the Scorpio, it's the exact opposite. A Scorpio is basically like an iceberg. What you see is merely what's on the surface. What's beneath is everything they indeed are, and what is beneath them and what is inside them they never show to the world, but it is there. So when you're in their presence, you can feel it. You can feel the strength within them. They do not need to make it obvious. They do not need to tell everyone how compelling and strong they are. They just naturally are.

5. I like how incredibly empathetic and intuitive Scorpios are.

Scorpios have somewhat of a 6th sense in that they can sense things and other people's intentions and motivations. They can feel whether people are lying to them. They can sense whether the truth is not being presented. Scorpios have this innate sense of intuition that cannot be taken away from them, and they are usually right. When a Scorpio doesn't trust a person, it's usually because there is some legitimate reason for that person not to be trusted which the Scorpio has picked up on. Usually, other people wouldn't pick up on this because they're less intuitive and observant than the Scorpio. Most people don't look for the subtle scenes under the carpet minor signs and signals that Scorpios looks out for, and because Scorpios are constantly looking out for it, they can notice this.

6. I love how emotional they are and the capacity they hold for deep connections.

Scorpios live life through their emotions, and most of their decisions are based on their feelings. Scorpios do not care about things like the physical world, money, and riches. Scorpios always decide things based on what they feel is best. A Scorpio will rarely choose based on what is more financially beneficial or whatever the case may be. Scorpio will always consider the emotional well-being of themselves and others and base their decisions on this. Scorpios also have this profound ability to connect with people, and once they establish a connection, this connection is entirely out of this world. a Scorpio will take the time, the energy, and the effort to get to know you and to get to know what makes you tick. A Scorpio will sit with you for hours, talk to you, and listen to you. A Scorpio will listen to what your heart needs, and your mind needs what your soul yearns for.

7. Scorpios are incredibly wise.

They usually have a sense of knowing. This is because they do not base their decisions and analytical processes on mainstream media or popular opinions or based on what everybody else believes in or is saying. Scorpios observe very profoundly, and through this deep sense of observation that they have, they figure things out around them, and through this, they're sagacious people. Scorpios don't listen to everyone else. Scorpio listens to their intuition. They listen to their inner voice, and this inner voice guides them throughout life and makes them incredibly wise people. Scorpios have somewhat of a connection to the unseen world. They have a connection to the things that we aren't aware of, the things that we can't see and that we can't fathom. They can observe these things and fathom these things. I like how easily a Scorpio can also read other people, so you'll notice when a Scorpio meets a person, they will sum that person up instantly. They'll tell you whether this is a good person or a bad person with bad intentions. Usually, when a Scorpio tells you that you can or cannot trust a person, you should listen to them because their sense of inner intuition when it comes to other people is so profound. It's entirely out of this world. Scorpios can sense exactly what harmful intentions other people have as well as which positive intentions people have.

8. Their capacity for being interested in all mysterious things.

Most Scorpios naturally have an attraction to more spooky things as well as esoteric topics. Usually, things that are somewhat taboo and that most people do not want to talk about openly or things that most people avoid are things Scorpios are rather interested in. I enjoy this about them. They have so much knowledge of these kind of things even though these things are more taboo to your average person. To a Scorpio, these things aren't taboo, so you can really dive deep into a conversation about these taboo topics with the Scorpio. They can share a lot of exciting information with you. You might think, "I'm interested in this but if I show anyone else I'm interested in this, they might think I'm a little bit weird." In contrast, when you show it to a Scorpio, they will not think you are weird and completely understand why you're interested in it.

9. Their profound ability for connections.

Once a Scorpio connects with a person and gives their heart to a person, it is forever. They will give their entire heart and soul to that person. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find people who are willing to commit and give their all to another person. Most people have too many things going on, or they have too many reasons why they don't want to commit to another person wholly. In comparison, a Scorpio is willing to do this if they have found the right person.

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