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What it's like being A Virgo

I think that being a Virgo is extremely hard. The reason for this is because we are so hyper-observant that we actually notice everything around us, and we even notice the things that other people don't see, so we continuously have to be pointing things out to people that they aren't even aware of.

We also need to take responsibility for the things that people are not aware of because people lack the awareness to take responsibility for it themselves. I feel like Virgos are the masters of the phrase," I told you so," and the reason for this is because we will see something happen before it's even happened, and then people will think we're critical.

People will also think we are full of nonsense, and we are highly strung. However, we are just incredibly observant, and we are just noticing the things that they are not.

So, let me give you guys a couple of examples of how frustrating it is to be a Virgo; these are things that have happened to me, and these are situations that have driven me insane. So, I used to go to a lot of festivals and usually I would be the one to drive my friends and me to the festival because I know I am the more responsible one. Usually, my car has been serviced; my car has been checked out, I have enough fuel in my car, and I know that putting things into my own hands makes things run a lot easier. However, the only downside to this is that because I'm always the one driving and I'm always the one being responsible, it's hard to relax because you have to be super aware the whole time about being responsible. This one time I asked a friend if he could rather drive us up to a festival- now this specific friend of mine is a Sagittarius- so he's very friendly, he's very generous and optimistic, but he's not incredibly detail orientated. I told him ahead of the time, please make sure that your car is in order to drive us all the way because it is about a 300-kilometer drive. He assured me, no it was all good. I have nothing to worry about, and for the first time, I do not need to be the one who is continuously responsible and aware.

We got to his house, got into his car, and as we drove off, we noticed that his back wheel was going flat, so we stopped at the fuel station to check it out. It turns out that his back wheel has a puncture in it, so then I asked him, "okay, great, what about your spare?" He tells me he doesn't have a spare. I then asked him, but dude, I asked you if everything on your car was sorted out so that we can take this 300-kilometer drive, and he just looked at me with a smile on his face. I was like, are you kidding me right now? We had to go back to his house, and we had to transfer all the stuff from his car into my car, and I was the one who ended up driving us anyway.

This was so frustrating to me because I am always the responsible one; I am always the one making sure everything is done. Then when I tried to help him and make sure that he is being responsible as well, as to make sure that we can make the journey, and that we're all safe, he assured me that it was fine, and it wasn't fine. At the end of the day, I ended up driving myself.

Another example is when my friend and I went out this one time, and it was getting quite cold at night, so I told him to bring a jacket or a sweater. He assured me no, he is getting warm enough, so he does not need a sweater. I, however, bought a sweater and a jacket along because it was freaking cold. So, I'm there chilling in my sweater and my jacket all warm and everything and my friend comes up to me, and he says to me: "Oh my goodness it's so cold! I should have bought a jacket", and then I said to him I-freaking-told-you-so! He asked me if I can give one of my jackets to him... so just to recap, I bought an extra jacket for myself because it was very cold, and I wanted to be warm enough. I did tell him to bring a jacket, and he said no. So now we're in this cold place, and I have to now give him my additional jacket that I bought for myself to keep myself warm just because he didn't listen to me when I told him to bring his jacket. I mean, come on!

Another example of what continually happens if you are a Virgo is, you will go to a friend's house, or you'll go to a party or some kind of get-together and nothing will be sorted. I have had it numerous times when I go to a friend's house because they have some type of get-together, and there are no snacks, and there are no drinks. When I ask them where the snacks and drinks are, they will say to me, "Oh goodness, we forgot about it. Don't you quickly want to rush to the store and get it?". So, now just because I was the first to think of it, I must be the one to go and get it.

I have also noticed that people are not very aware of eating times and when it is appropriate times to eat. I have been invited over to barbecues numerous times, and then I do not eat beforehand because I am expecting to have a lot of food at the barbecue. I will get to the barbecue at like 5 pm, thinking that these people are rational thinking people, and they will have the food done around 7- or 8 pm so we can all eat at a reasonable time. However, no… everybody at the barbecue ends up getting drunk and nobody puts a conscious thought into getting the food ready so then what ends up happening… we end up eating at 11 or 12 pm, when I am at a point where I'm basically starving and super irritated because I haven't had any food.

Another thing that happens is when me and my friends go out, for example, if we go hiking, or whatever the case is. I will bring some snacks for myself, and I will bring myself a water bottle because I know you need to remain hydrated. I'll say to my friends make sure you bring snacks, make sure you bring a water bottle, but no, they don't… So what ends up happening is that we're walking and hiking through the forest, nobody has snacks or water, and then they see me whip out my water. "Oh, can I please have some of your water?" Now, I must share my water with everyone. I end up not having any water because everybody else forgot their water and I'm sharing mine with them. The same counts for snacks. I've had numerous times where we'll go to the beach for example, and I'll whip out my snacks because I'm getting hungry and then nobody else thought of bringing snacks, and they all end up eating my snacks- which I don't mind sharing my snacks- but come on!

Something else that grinds my gears is that I will tell people that they are going to be late because I can see they are not prioritizing their actions. They will wait until the last minute to do something or to get something done, and the moment that last-minute comes, what do they do? They ask me to help them. I will tell them two hours ahead of the time you need to get ready you're going to be late, these things need to be done and they will just ignore everything I say and think I'm highly strung. Literally, 20 minutes before the thing happens, they are freaking out because they did not get anything done. Then they come and ask me to help them and put pressure on me to make sure that everything gets done for them. This is one of the most frustrating things I have experienced as a Virgo.

Another thing I have noticed is that Virgos are very, very aware of how they spend their money and they are very good at budgeting. I've tried to assist my friends in budgeting or being a little more conscious and aware of their money but, no, they go and spend it all on things they don't need and on unnecessary services and items when I did warn them beforehand, "Do not spend your money on those things!", then what ends up happening is my friends run out of money, and they ask me if they can borrow money. I mean, come on, why did you not just listen when we said do not spend your money on useless things!

Another thing that keeps happening is, I will see that my friends are interacting with people who have bad intentions, or who are not suitable for them, and then I will warn them against these people. I will also see that they are getting into situations that are not good for them and that are going to turn out badly. I will warn them against these situations, yet then they do not listen to me. At 4 am, I get a phone call from that exact friend that I warned asking me to help her get out of the situation. It is like dude… If you just listened to me, you would not have been in this situation and would not have even had to ask me for my help!

We are always trying to save people from themselves; however, they do not see this. The number of times I've told my friends that they're doing the wrong thing or going down the wrong path is countless, yet they still do it, and then when they regret doing it, they come and ask for my help afterward. I do think that most Virgos struggle with this where they're really trying to help people and they're really trying to prevent these situations where things go wrong, and things go awry, yet nobody listens to them and then when things do go wrong it's up to the Virgo to fix things. Due to this, I do feel that being a Virgo is one of the most frustrating signs to be. The hyper-awareness we have is a blessing, but it is also a curse at the same time.

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