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Why Astrology?

Most of us would agree that Earth spins on a perfectly balanced axis that is altogether influenced by the Sun, our Moon and the additional planets in our solar system (along with all the asteroids, stars and additional moons of accompanying planets). Without these influences balancing the Earth, it would cease to exist, along with all the organisms that inhabit it.

All life that is on Earth is dependent on these external bodies to keep what some call the Earth Ship running, and do they keep us alive on this Earth Ship.

Should the Sun die or explode (or whatever detrimental thing that possibly can happen to Sun) Earth would discontinue to prevail. This is symbolic for how we are dependent on our Sun Sign, and what that encompasses. It keeps us alive, it empowers us, it is us.

Ancient Egyptians carried the belief that we are these Astral bodies manifested onto Earth, each carrying its own mixture of the energies that they symbolize. As time has progressed, this belief has created Astrology.

Each of us has our own unique universal blueprint that is us. Since at no point at time is the universe and our Solar System been exactly the same (not even for a split second). The time and date and location of your birth map a story that has infinite potential.

How the inner planets, Moon and your Ascendant models you:

The Sun – Who your REALLY are at the deepest core of your existence

The Moon - What governs and drives your emotions

The Ascendant – What you show to the world

Mercury – Your thoughts

Venus – How you interact with other beings

Mars – How you take action

Understanding the energies and potential within yourself could help unlock unexplainable potential and understanding within yourself that only you can connect with and experience as an individual. Every individual has their unique energy that has been created by the symbols of the Zodiac and our Solar system.

Every aspect about yourself, your thoughts, emotions, ability to act, physical appearance is all a combustion of our heavenly bodies acting together to create the unique individual that is each and every one of us.

It is believed that every solar system has its unique Astrology system associated with it. In definition, there could be millions, billions and even infinite astrologically based systems in our universe, because without these systems, consciousness and life cannot happen. This is a higher and deeper understanding that exists beyond what we can physically comprehend.

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